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Born Out of Passion & Persistence

NO GIVING UP is the mantra that drives our brand, NO GVN UP™. We are a sports nutrition company focused on providing high quality, reliable & effective products to help you achieve your goals. The company's founders are driven by passion and persistence to maintain the highest standards. This means never taking any shortcuts when it comes to quality and transparency in our production process or distribution methods.


From sourcing ingredients all the way through to packaging, we ensure each product is top of its class - every time.  With years of combined industry experience, the NO GVN UP™ team is leading the way in sports nutrition supplements.

Running Shoes

Transparency & Quality

We are sticklers for transparency.


That's why we handpick only the best ingredients for our supplements and proudly display them on our labels - no hidden fillers or sweeteners. Everything you see on our labels is exactly what you get.


When it comes to quality, there is no giving up.

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