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Winter Workouts - Staying Active as We Slip Into Cold Weather

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

The joys of the holiday season are right around the corner, and so is the winter weather. For some, it’s hard enough to stay on track with routines during the holidays – now let’s add frigid temperatures to the mix and it can get a lot harder to stay the course.

Here are some ways to adjust your daily routines for the winter season and beat the winter gloom.


Exercise Routine

We're not talking shoveling snow. As temperatures drop, it is paramount to incorporate exercises that raise body heat and maintain it. Core warm-up exercises like plank, dynamic stretching, and good mornings, are excellent pre-cursors to get your blood flowing.

If your fitness routine typically includes outdoor activities, you may be looking for ways to continue outdoor exercise to prevent cabin fever. In doing so, make sure you dress appropriately and see our winter workout apparel section below.

Winter sports and activities such as hiking, skiing, and snowboarding are excellent ways to maintain outdoor cardio routines during the winter.

Preworkout supplements are a great way to increase energy and endurance while providing key amino acids. NO GVN UP Preworkout Pump features L-Citrulline, Arginine AKG, Beta Vulgaris, and Taurine for increased blood flow and blood oxygenation.


Nutrition & Hydration

In the winter months, be sure to maintain nutrient and hydration levels – and do so early and often.

The body works harder to perform in harsher climate and keep the body warm. When temperatures change significantly, the need for energy increases, specifically the initial need for energy. Be sure to optimize nutrient intake before, during, and after cold weather training to replenish energy stores and optimize muscle function.

You can still get dehydrated in cold weather, in fact the cold weather diminishes thirst by up to 40%.

Research shows that proper nutrients and hydration early and often - even when you are not thirsty - will help maintain peak performance in cold conditions.

BCAA supplements are a great way to provide nutrients and energy during your workout and post workout. Look out for NO GVN UP BCAA + Vitamin C, hitting shelves soon.


Winter Workout Apparel

Proper apparel is required so you can work up a sweat in the frigid temperatures.

Wear multiple layers of clothing (both upper and lower body) to keep you dry at the base, trap body heat, maintain insulation, and keep moisture and cold air out. Compression clothing is a great base layer.

Avoid wearing too many dense clothing items -- as you start to sweat more, that sweat evaporates and causes your body to start cooling down.

Scarf and face coverings are essential to protect vulnerable areas and keep moisture contained in your nose and mouth.


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