Omega-3 Softgels

Omega-3 Softgels

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  • Supports cardiovascular and heart health

  • Aids bones and joints

  • Supports cognitive function & brain health

  • Promotes overall health

  • Molecularly distilled for purity and removal of heavy metals, PCBs, and other toxins

  • 100% transparent label


1,000 mg per serving / 90 count softgels

Do you want to be more productive, have a healthy heart and brain, and feel better overall?

NO GVN UP Omega-3 is the perfect supplement for anyone looking to improve their health. It consists of two major omega-3 fatty acids, EPA & DHA, which are found abundantly in deep sea fish that aid many key functions in the body including cognitive, cardiovascular, heart, brain, joint health and immune system balance making NO GVN UP Omega-3 an essential supplement to include in your diet. Our fish oil is molecularly